Friday, January 23, 2009

Stompbox - Travis

This is the first Stompbox ep called "Travis" from 1992. It was released on Summit Records (which later became Wonderdrug Records) as a cassette only release. We named it "Travis" after our friend Travis Lindquist, who let us appropriate some of his art for the album cover (which is right there to the left).

Travis recently showed up on itunes with incorrect art, and of course none of us are seeing any money from those sales, so I decided I'd put it up here.

Most of Travis was recorded at The Lanes studio in Allston, Ma. It's far from a perfect recording, but I think it's a pretty good representation of what we sounded like at that time, which was a wee bit more metal than we'd eventually turn out. 

Tracks: What's it Worth, Chevy S-10, Hate Me, Beer Slide, Saltpeterexitwound, Lobotomizer, Screwing in America.

Many of these tunes were later rerecorded for the album "Stress" which was released on Columbia in 1994.


Stu said...

Thanks for posting the "Travis" EP. I still have the insert for it, but my tape was lost years ago.

I bought it at the Tree/Stompbox/Basilisk show @ The Living Tree, Portland, ME, back in Dec 1992.

Alessio said...

thanks for all the Stompbox rarities, "Stress" is one of my all-time favorite albums!!


Chairmaker said...

Thanks for this. Did you guys ever record anything as slower?

Patrick said...

Hey Chairmakah,
Not really. There's a radio show we did on WMBR that I'm trying to track down. The quality of the cassette dub I have of that is brutally bad. If I can get a clean copy of it, I'll post it.
I wish we had done some real recordings of Slower. I was very happy with the direction we were taking.

ELΩXIM said...

Hey Patrick, how r u my friend? Im Spiros bassist of ELΩXIM (or RAMIEL ARXELAOS in sludgeswamp) Thanks for all off stompbox albums!

Can i ask u if u can upload a bass band of yours? Thanks again and talk to u soon..

Also check here our site if u like:


Patrick said...

Ramiel, I'm still trying to track down a good copy of the live radio show that we did as Slower (two basses, one guitar). I'll post it if I can find it. I think Jeff might have a copy that's in better shape than what I have, and I've been talking with the guy that recorded it, he's looking for it too.

LEstes65 said...

Hmmm...just went to check my "friends" section in the CD collection. And I tell yah - I KNOW I had some Stomp Box at one time. If that bugger took it when he left, I may just have to go after him with a rusty fork.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for posting this! I used to have it but someone "borrowed" it and never gave it back. I'm pretty sure I bought it at Tower Records, where I worked in the late 80's/early 90's.

I saw Stompbox a few times...Bill's, Bun's...Rumble at the Paradise. Ah, memories.

king jolly-trouser said...

Thanks! Sounds tons better than my tape transfer.

tech66 said...

24 years later and this is still one of my favorite albums from a "local band".