Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stompbox B Sides and Etc

Here's some more Stompbox.

A version of "Beer Slide" we did while we were recording "Stress" for a potential b-side. I thought this version was okay, but the "Travis" version was better.

Also a cover of Tree's "Question Abuse" from the same sessions. Erich was a little iffy on the rhythms, if you ask me. Still, pretty entertaining. Tree's version was bettah. Wicked hahd.

A cover of GangGreen's "Alcohol" that we recorded with Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard producing. These days Evan is putting his (ahem) "talents" to use in the porn industry. Biohazard or porn, I'm not sure which is more creepy.

A live recording of "Saltpeterexitwound" from a show we did in San Francisco, I think at the Trocadero, if that's how you spell it.

Eventually, if anyone out there in cyberspace is actually interested, I'm going to digitize the whole "Travis" ep and put it up here.


Stu said...

We're interested! Definitely upload the Travis tape.

LEstes65 said...

I second Stu.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded Travis from here then noticed it was on iTunes (yes Steve Jobs old record store) for about $6 under Cmar's Wonderdrug label (at least I think that's Cmar). Funny that you can by that EP but not Stress. Anyway, I bought it (out of appreciation) then realized Ken will probably get that dough before you will. Sorry *smirk*

Patrick said...

Thanks anyway Mr Anonymous! You get an A for effort. Obviously, at this point, we're not in it for the money!